Hi there, My name is Josh James. I have been rafting in New Zealand and in different countries all over the world for over 18 years and Im also the owner/operator/head guide/cook/cleaner and entertainer!

Eco Rafting has been operating for over 15 years. During the time I have owned Eco Rafting we have focused on the more challenging and remote rafting trips and have developed rafting trips on previously un-run wilderness rivers.

I am an assesor for the International Rafting Federation and the New Zealand Rafting Association for Professional River Guides. I am a Swift Water Rescue Instructor and Certified Whitewater Kayak Instructor.

We are proud to offer rafting trips in the real wilderness of NZ. No roads, no people – just pure nature.

Our team are trained, licensed and experienced swift water rescue technicians as well as being caring and entertaining individuals and are focused on giving you a safe and very enjoyable experience.

Please email us or give me a ring to discuss your ideal rafting experience

Pictured with my family; Kristen, Jack, Charlie, Oi and Dog ( our 2 dogs).

As Seen on TV!

You probably know already that I’m world famous.  My Discovery Channel TV Show gets screened in 409 million homes.  Well before I went of to film a few months ago the team from TVNZ’s Seven Sharp came to visit and I took Matt Chisholm for an adventure.

Mike Hoskings said “…his magic and the reason he’ll be successful is… he’s got a brain, very bright guy.” Always said Mike was a good judge of character!


Watch the clip


Recently the Topp Twins popped in to catch a feed and learn one of Kristen’s recipes.  You can watch the show on TVNZ’s On Demand website.

To get to the bit of the show starring me and the family skip the first bit.  8min 30 seconds up to 16 min 20 seconds is where you’ll see us.  I take Linda to catch an eel and Kristen teaches Jools her Venison and Fejoa Salsa recipe.


 TVNZ On Demand

Our Team

We are certified by Maritime New Zealand  as an approved commercial whitewater rafting operator and we regard safety as the highest priority.

All guides hold current wilderness first aid certificates/Rafting Licenses/Swift Water Rescue Certificates and we attend bi-annual swift water rescue courses to ensure our skill levels are world class – so you are in good hands no matter what level of thrill-seeker you are.

This is our profession and our passion. Look us up on Facebook, check out trip photos or connect with past adventurers.

Josh is an assessor for the New Zealand Rafting Association and the International Rafting Federation, regarded as the highest level of white water rafting certifications in the world. He is on every trip and we keep our groups small to ensure a personalised experience, our trips are just us having fun with new friends in the most spectacular scenery in NZ.

Mule (Samuel Jones)
Mule (Samuel Jones)
Meet Mule (Samuel Jones), he brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and has been a good friend since I started rafting over 17 years ago.

Working as a ski patroller in winter, Mule spends his summers landscaping and rafting. He is a great fellow to hang out with and we are privileged to have him on our team.

Weka is a another keen fisherman and outdoors enthusiast. He is a keen fossiker and is constantly finding gold and greenstone (jade) in the rivers and on the beaches. With over 10 years international rafting/kayaking experience he is a very experienced guide/safety kayaker and now hangs out with me over winter allowing us to keep the company open. Weka and I have been on extensive missions into the west coast wilderness exploring new terrain and finding new rivers to run. He is a really chill guy and is great company
Luke is our newest addition to the team, he was our safety kayaker and trainee raft guide for the 2014/15 season.

He has done extensive sea kayaking missions all over the world and is a jolly good fellah with a good sense of humor and a caring nature.

Meet Jack, our newest trainee guide and my oldest boy. He is mainly into fishing. All day every day ( when he is not at school ) being only 7 years of age it maybe a few years before he becomes a qualified guide.

He has agreed to give Adam a few fishing tips when he comes back to work for us again.